• Establishment of three pre-commercial nanoparticle (NPs) coating lines for production of a large spectrum of 2D and 3D antimicrobial products
  • Advanced low-cost, sustainable and safe coating processes and products featuring:

– Single step product functionalisation
– Low energy consumption
– Low amount of NPs used for coating
– Minor NPs release during product exploitation
– Low environmental footprint of processes and products
– Extended lifecycle of the coated products
– Low product cost due to the low energy consumption, minimal manpower required, and the recycling capability

  • Novel highly efficient antimicrobial and anti-biofilm NPs – inorganic, organic, biological and hybrid
  • In situ monitoring and control of NPs coating processes and products
  • Shelf-life monitoring of the antimicrobial and anti-biofilm performance of the products based on smart indicators
  • Implementation of safety by design approaches to control potential risks during NPs coating and product use
  • New functional products with improved performance: antimicrobial textiles, antimicrobial/anti-biofilm water treatment membranes and biocompatible antimicrobial/anti-biofilm medical devices.